Floors for enduring grace

To truly capture old-world charm, strength, and beauty in any space, look to hardwood flooring.

Hardwood is available in both natural and engineered formats and adds immense value to your home. It’s rich and inviting look is eye-catching, never goes out of style, and it functions with the perfect combination of durability and elegance.

Location and room usage are big factors when deciding on hardwood floors. The inherent strength and sturdiness allows it to stand guard against heavy furniture, appliances and the busiest amounts of foot traffic. But because it’s a natural material, it is not a good choice for high-moisture or high-sunlight areas. These factors make this type of floor a good selection for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

We carry the best hardwood floors in the Greentown area in a wide variety of colors and wood species, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect type for any space. Our expert installers will make sure they fit with perfection, allowing you to begin enjoying their rustic and attractive charisma in your home or office immediately.

Our hardwood flooring line includes:

Our installation is guaranteed for one year – if there are any issues within a year of your install, we will take care of it for you!

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